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Simulation is more than software: Here you learn Ansys.

Learn Ansys for free

Exclusively for students: selected CADFEM simulation courses for free

From the lecture directly into practice: we offer you selected professional training courses from CADFEM as a supplement to your studies. Already attended your first technical lectures at university? With us you’ll get the practice and acquire valuable certificates needed for your career start.

Ansys courses with certificate

Exclusively for students at universities in Germany, Austria and Switzerland

In these CADFEM Student courses you will learn and use the first important steps in Ansys for creative product development, flow simulation, mechanical strength testing or electric motor design. The eLearning format offers you free time management: you learn and practice when you want, at the pace that suits you. After successful completion of a course, you will receive your certificate by e-mail.  

 Luca Juris Master student Automotive Engineering and Transport (M.Sc), RWTH Aachen
Luca Juris
Master student Automotive Engineering and Transport (M.Sc), RWTH Aachen

The eLearning program for students provided me with the necessary basics for CFD simulation for my master's thesis. I particularly liked the combination of theoretical derivation and subsequent application in Ansys. This was the basis for building and evaluating a high-quality simulation model without any previous CFD knowledge.

 Karl Eberl Masters student, mechanical engineering / lightweight design, Fachhochschule Kärnten
Karl Eberl
Masters student, mechanical engineering / lightweight design, Fachhochschule Kärnten

I really like the CADFEM courses for students! I used Ansys during my master studies at FH Kärnten, which was the motivation for me to take this course. The tutorials and courses help even beginners to quickly find the right settings or determine the causes of errors.

Kerstin Schmid
PhD program in biology, Julius Maximilian University of Würzburg

I am absolutely thrilled! The mixture of background knowledge, practical demonstrations and explanations of application is done very well. Thank you very much for allowing me to use this course free of charge as a student!

Questions? Answers!

Do I receive a certificate of completion for the courses?

Have you successfully completed a course, i.e., all units, exercises and quizzes? Then the final test will be unlocked for you. Once you have successfully completed it, you will receive a certificate from us by e-mail. You can use this for your application, share it or include it in your network profiles - just as you please.


How can I access the learning videos and tutorials?

A one-time registration under myAccount is necessary. Then, select your first desired course, put it in the shopping cart and submit the booking. For your first order, you will be asked for a valid certificate of enrollment. For further bookings in the same semester, this will not be necessary anymore. You will receive the access data to the CADFEM learning platform on the same or the following workday.

How long can I use the eLearning courses?

Access to your eLearning course is for one year after booking the course and is directly linked to your university email address. 

How do I get the Ansys license for practice?

For practicing you can use the free Ansys Student software. For some of the exercises you will need a license that includes more nodes. Where do you get it? Almost all universities have Ansys licenses that are also available for students. It is best to ask at the computer center of your university.

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