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Speed UP! Using 3D Simulation for enhanced performance

Student teams benefit from free Ansys tools, support, training courses and individual advisory services provided by CADFEM simulation experts

Student Teams Trust in Ansys Software

From the initial design to the hyperloop

The excitement is rising and the curtain is about to go up for participants of the Formula Student, Solar Challenge, Electronic Design Competition, Solar Splash, SpaceX Hyperloop Pod Design, Racing Aeolus and the Human Powered Vehicle Challenge. The rollout shows the development successes achieved in recent months. Simulation leaves nothing to chance.

Sponsorship for your student competition team

Get fast and robust results using 3D simulation: Student teams benefit from free Ansys tools, support, training courses and individual advisory services provided by CADFEM simulation experts.

Successful Teams

Simulation supports teams throughout the entire racing year, from fast onboarding of new team members to success on the track in the final race of the season.


Putting Ansys CFD to intense use even for new team members

"The 3D aerodynamic simulations are almost completely automated. This makes getting started a great deal easier for new team members."


Endurance mastered through lightweight construction

"With FEM and optimization, we managed to lower the stresses occurring for many individual components and reduce the overall weight by 60 kg."


What licenses does a CADFEM-sponsored team receive?

The sponsorship contains an extensive license package, consisting of five Academic Research licenses for each of the products Ansys Mechanical CFD, Ansys EM and Ansys HFSS. Up to 32 cores with Ansys HPC can also be used simultaneously for challenging models.

What prerequisites does our team have to meet to obtain sponsorship?

There are no special prerequisites. In exchange for the sponsorship, your team agrees to a marketing package with logo placement, sponsor listing on your website or social media presence as well as a report on your use of the software at the end of the season. We are more than happy to provide details on the marketing obligations on request!

How do we get the Ansys licenses and who manages them?

Once your team has registered, you’ll receive the Ansys license contract from us. In the contract, you name a contact person and submit license server data. As soon as we receive the signed license contract from you, you will receive the license key from us. You then install it yourself on a license server of your choice.

How long are the licenses valid for?

The validity period is always 12 months, but can be extended. Be sure to think about extending before the period expires!

The number of workstations included in the package isn’t enough for us. What can we do?

Every sponsorship package contains five workstation licenses for every available type of physics. If that isn’t enough, together with you we will find an affordable solution to cover your license needs. Contact us!