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Simulation is your world too? Here you are right!

Start your career in simulation

Graduates with simulation skills are in demand on the job market, especially if they can combine scientific knowledge with application experience.
Because: Simulation experts get innovations off the ground. Simulation is being used to shape the cutting-edge technologies of the future. Do you want to be part of it? 

Ansys as a career booster

Why Ansys skills will help you improve your chances of starting a career.

German-speaking universities
teach FEM, CFD & more using Ansys
Companies use Ansys
in Germany, Austria and Switzerland
Companies worldwide use Ansys
in their development

From university to job

Direct entry or master’s degree?

Job or Master’s? Preferably both!Master’s degree in simulation

Almost have your bachelor’s degree in engineering or natural sciences in your pocket? Do you want simulation to remain your focus in your career? Then you will benefit from the combination of a career and a part-time master’s degree. Co-developed by CADFEM, it provides simulation expertise at the highest level.

More about the master’s study SBE

What graduates say about the master’s program

Roman Eichner
Project engineer, Stryker GmbH & Co. KG

Studying at esocaet offers me the ideal introduction to simulation by explaining the mathematics behind the simulation algorithms. This means that I can quickly deliver reliable results in my work on the development project and offer the project team a good basis for strategic decision-making.

Dr.-Ing. Peter Blankenhorn
Lead developer of textile machines, Wilhelm Stahlecker GmbH (WST)

My master's thesis results made a direct impact on the development project. I then had the opportunity to continue my master's investigations for a doctoral dissertation.

What does a ... actually do?

There are many varied tasks and professional activities in the field of simulation. CADFEM employees give you an insight into the different positions and fields of work in their company.